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Chrome Effects is a complete line of chrome accessories. Offering features like triple chrome plating, 3M red liner tape, and lifetime warranty. Chrome Effects is the premier line of chrome accessories on the market today. Our Product offering includes Door Handles, Mirror Covers, E-Z On Grilles, Wheel Skins, Wheel Covers, and more!
Chrome Accessories: the perfect source!
Complete Line of Chrome Accessories
Chrome Effects has a broad selection of chrome products. Our line covers the most popular accessories in the aftermarket: Grilles, Door Handle Overlays, Mirror Back Overlays, Wheel Skins and Wheel Covers
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More applications means more business for you.
Chrome Effects scours the planet looking for hot new applications - everyday. Our easy-to-use application lookup tool is ALWAYS up to date with these latest fits. This is the exact same tool that our CSR's use to help you find the right fit.
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The Trifecta of Aftermarket Chrome!
Prices that make you profitable.
Chrome Effects helps you build big profits with selection, inventory and competitive pricing. While other companies may have slightly lower pricing and no inventory, Chrome Effects gives you competitive pricing and the inventory you need. Cheaper prices don't always equal the best deal. Chrome Effects gives you selection, inventory and pricing and that equals the best deal.
We sell it…we stock it!
Chrome Effects not only offers the largest selection of chrome accessories but we stock it as well. While other companies may offer some products and then have to order them in, Chrome Effects stocks inventory of everything we offer.
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A plethora of sources!
Chrome Effects has the largest selection of chrome accessories by using several sources. Other chrome companies have limited inventories but not Chrome Effects. The fact that we use several sources not only increase our chrome selection but also helps us maintain large inventories. One call gets all of your chrome from one supplier, that saves you time and money!
Back in Black!
A growing line of black accessories
The stealth series is an ever growing line of both gloss black and matte black accessories. Door handles, mirror backs, and large selection of wheel skins are now available in our Stealth Series line.
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Make it a package!
Pair our Stealth Series products with a matte black spoiler from Wings Direct, or a matte black graphic from Custom Auto Design and make a Stealth Series package your dealers will love!
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Quality Second to None and Guaranteed!
No flakes, peels, or bronzing!
Yes, you can find cheaper chrome. We guarantee that, and we also guarantee that cheap chrome is

They make it cheap by using a single dip process that causes the chrome to flake, peel, and "bronze" over a very short period of time.
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Chrome Effects products are all triple chrome plated. This means our accessories are dipped three times, making the chrome finish more durable and resilient to the elements. One more reason why we can stand behind our products for a lifetime.
3M Automotive Adhesive Tape
All of our self-adhesive products feature 3M Redliner™ tape. This is the same high-quality, 2-sided, acrylic foam tape used by the OEM manufacturers.
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Our Parts Fit
You take it for granted - unfortunately some manufacturers don't. Having a cheap price doesn't mean much if the part does not fit correctly. We test fit our pieces to make sure they fit before we put them on the market.
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Lifetime Warranty
All Chrome Effects products are warranted against defects in manufacturing for the lifetime of the product. Warranties are for product only and limited to the value of the replacement item. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any damage, expense, or consequential damage arising out of use or the inability to use the product.