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Terms & Conditions

Order Policy

Restylers’ Choice is a warehouse distributor and sells only to wholesale accounts for resale purposes. Possession of our catalog, price-list or other literature does not qualify as authority to buy.

Once you place a order with Restylers’ Choice you will have a 1 hour window in which you will be able to add items to the order, subtract items from the order or cancel the order altogether. After the 1 hour window closes, the order will be picked, packaged and shipped and we will not be able to make any changes to the order. If you need a painted spoiler to ship same day and the order is placed by 11:30 am EST. there will be no rush charges applied to the order and you will have a 1 hour window in which to change or cancel the order. Any order placed after 6 pm EST (5pm on Fridays) will not receive a 1 hour window. Ship complete orders and drop-ship orders will also have a 1 hour window in which additions, subtractions and cancellations will be allowed.

At Restylers’ Choice there is never a minimum order amount. Any order placed for stock items will ship same day until 7:00pm Eastern Monday-Thursday, 6:00pm on Fridays.

Rush Orders

All “Rush” orders must be placed by 2 pm EST to ship same day. Rush charges for custom graphics and vehicle specific graphics are 20% or $20 per item, whichever is greater. Window Canvas rush charges are $50 flat rate per item. Auto Trim Express rush charges are equal to the price of the kit or $50 maximum per item and all painted items are $20 flat fee per item.

Payment Terms

New Accounts:
All opening orders over $300 for non-established C.O.D accounts will require a certified check or money order upon delivery. Credit Card or Check by Phone (ACH) payment is the preferred method on opening orders. Larger opening orders may be subject to additional constraints. New accounts may need to complete a business information form before doing business.

Established Accounts:
C.O.D. Company Check delivery is available. We accept all major credit cards.

Open Accounts:
Open accounts are available to select qualified customers. Open account status requires a minimum of $500 monthly volume to be eligible. All accounts that are past due will be put on credit hold until current. Past due accounts will be subject to a 1.5% finance charge. Our terms are Net 30 from invoice date. Chronically overdue accounts may have their account status revoked.


Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for errors, omissions or price changes in this price list. This price list is to be used as a guide. All prices listed here are your cost, there is no need to take percentages or discounts off any of the pricing.

Monthly Specials

Monthly specials begin on the first business day of the month and end on the last business day. Due to special terms and/or pricing extended to Restylers’ Choice by manufacturers; special pricing is not extended to orders placed directly before, or those placed directly after this period. Back orders created during the special period will be invoiced at the special price when the product is finally shipped.

On “Give-away” specials where you earn a free item based on order size, you will be liable for the retail price of the give-away item if you return items off that order that result in the order not meeting the give-away criteria.

Special Orders

Special Ordered items may not be cancelled or returned. If a manufacturer will accept a return on a special order item the customer will be responsible for ALL freight charges, and a 25% restocking fee. Special order items may be subject to inbound freight charges. Special order items count towards free-freight but will have freight charges applied if they ship separate from the main order.


Free Freight Program: Restylers’ Choice will pay ground commercial freight on any single order placed over $600, that ships at one time. We will pay the freight on $600 orders that have items shipping from one or both of our warehouses but there will be a $6 handling charge applied to all orders of $600 or more. $600 orders with painted spoilers and custom graphics will ship free freight once the order has all the items produced and ready to ship. You may choose for your in-stock items to ship with out the spoiler or custom graphics but freight charges will be applied to your invoice when those items do ship.

If you return a item from a $600 free freight order that is not defective and replaced you will be responsible for the freight charges from the $600 order.

Restylers' Choice will pay ground commercial freight on 2 painted spoilers or 2 painted moldings that are ordered at the same time. We will also pay ground commercial freight on 1 painted spoiler and 1 painted molding that are the same paint color for the same vehicle ordered at the same time.

For orders that do not qualify for free freight, minimum shipping charges will be $7.95. If you require the order to be sent C.O.D. an additional $11 is added to cover the UPS C.O.D. charge. Any order that has any single item over 60" in length (wings, step bars, etc.) are oversized and will have an additional $5 handling fee added to the order.

Back Orders

Backorders are defined as items that are standard stock items, that are not available from any of our locations. Backorders are automatically filled unless otherwise specified. Special order items, custom graphics, and custom painted items are not considered back orders. Once we receive the backordered item or items you will be notified and you may cancel the backorder at that time. If you cancel a backordered item that was part of a $600 free freight order and the cancellation drops the original order below $600, you will be responsible for the freight charges from the original order. Restylers’ Choice will only pay the freight on backordered items that were a part of a $600 order, all other backorders will be charged freight upon shipping. If there were multiple items backordered and you choose to have them ship at separate times, we will pay the freight on one shipment and you will be responsible for the freight charges on the others shipment(s). We are not able to add items to a backorder that was part of a $600 free freight order.

Drop Ships

No C.O.D. drop ship orders will be processed. All drop ship orders must be on open account or credit card. A $5.00-$10.00 drop-ship fee may be added depending on the product shipped. Several of our vendors have minimum order requirements, in this case you will be notified when placing an order for drop-ship. Freight charges are estimated and may be adjusted after receipt of vendor invoice.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics orders normally ship the following day. Larger, more complex orders may take longer. Some custom graphics orders may be "rushed", please see the section on rush order policy for details. All custom orders are non-returnable, and non-cancelable after the 1 hour window closes. See the Order Policy section for more details.

Painted Items

Painted spoiler or molding orders normally take one day to complete. Larger, more complex orders may take longer. Painted spoiler orders placed before 11:30am will be processed same-day. All custom paint orders are non-returnable. In order to take advantage of the “2 pack” deal both products must be ordered on the same order. Buying 2 and returning one will result in forfeiture of the of the deal price and result in freight charges. Free freight is offered on any spoiler and molding package ordered for the same vehicle on the same order.


Restylers’ Choice extends the manufacturers’ warranty to 3 years from date of purchase, unless otherwise noted. Chrome Effects, Wings Direct, Molding Direct, Body Armor, Auto Trim Express, and Window Canvas offer limited lifetime warranties. Since types of application and conditions vary so widely, we cannot warrant results for use of this merchandise beyond the cost or replacement of stock. Please see the individual manufacturer’s warranties for more information. Manufacturers may require product to determine reason for defect.

Returns & Credits

Custom graphics, painted body side moldings, blow-out items, and special orders are NOT returnable. All painted spoilers will have a $45 restocking fee. We cannot accept returns on products that are over 90 days from purchase. All returned products must have the “Return Services Form” portion of your invoice completed, be in original, unopened packaging, and returned with the provided label. With the exception of painted spoilers, returns within 90 days of purchase, that meet the above requirements, will not be subject to any restocking fee but will have return freight charges deducted from your credit. If the reason for the return is deemed not to have been a Restylers Choice error or if the product is deemed not defective upon inspection, we will deduct return freight charges from your credit. Outbound freight charges are never reimbursed.

If you return a item(s) without the returns form or if the the returns form does not have a reason code for the return, credit will not be issued.

Visit the Returns Procedure Page if you need more assistance with your return.

Errors, Damages & Defectives

Errors in shipments, pricing or claims for lost or damaged items must be reported within 5 business days of receipt; otherwise shipment will be considered as complete and correct. Defective merchandise may be repaired, replaced, or credited at our discretion. Many times manufacturers will require product back to determine reason for defect.

You have to options when seeking a replacement product. Standard or Expedited replacements.

Standard: the replacement will be shipped to you, at no charge, after we receive the original item back as a return. There is a box on the Choice Returns form included with your package, that provides an opportunity for you to indicate your desire for a replacement product.

Expedited: the replacement product is shipped immediately. You will be billed for the replacement product, and freight, when the item leaves our warehouse. Credit will be issued for the product and the freight when the defective or incorrect product is received back at our facility. Replacement items will be shipped via the same method used on the original order unless you choose to pay for a faster delivery method.

Re-Shipments & Refusals

If we have to re-ship a package due to customer error, there will be additional shipping charges added to your order. These charges will be equal to the original shipping charge to cover the second shipment. Orders that are refused and not re-shipped are subject to a $15.00 charge or 25% restocking fee (whichever is greater) in addition to freight charges. No further shipments will be made until these charges are settled.

Bad Checks

If your check is returned to us for non-sufficient funds, you expressly authorize your account to be electronically debited or bank-drafted for the the amount of the check plus any applicable fees. The use of a check for payment is your express acknowledgment and acceptance of this policy and its terms and conditions.

All N.S.F. checks will force us to place that account on a “C.O.D. Money Order Only” or Credit Card basis. The account will also be subject to a $35 charge each time the check is processed by the bank. Additional orders will be held until all checks and charges are paid in full.

Persistant N.S.F. checks will result in the loss of your ability to pay via C.O.D. or Open Account.