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Illusions Inc has been manufacturing graphics since 1989 and a valued supplier of Restylers’ Choice since 1991. Illusions graphics were first produced by owner Bobby Styles in his garage and since that time have grown into a 6500 square foot facility in Hudson, Florida employing a staff of 15.
More designs, colors and sizes = more options!
Three Lines in One
Illusions is the result of combining three very successful lines of graphics into one powerhouse brand. Originally there were three different product lines: Illusions, GFX, and FasGraphics. Over time, the three lines were all brought together into one complete line, in one catalog. Everything you see here is in reference to the combined line now known simply as, Illusions.
Illusions has over 80 graphics from simple linear, to more extreme looking graphics. Illusions designs have a unique 3D layered look using grid patterns, diamond plate, checkered flag, lightning and air-brushed effects to give their designs depth and originality.
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OEM with Style
Illusions new OEM style graphics are designed on a clear base with a matte black finish that takes on the color of the vehicle. They can be applied in multiple directions, including a horizontal or vertical flip. True OEM style graphics with a universal fit.
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A Size for Any Size Job!
Illusions offers their graphics in a multitude of sizes that are perfect for almost any application. Whether you are working on a small sub-compact vehicle or semi truck, Illusions has a size that fits. Need a graphic in a small and large size that match? Illusions has several graphics that are available in multiple sizes. All designs can be special-ordered in a variety of custom sizes.
A Rainbow of Colors
All of Illusions graphics are available in multiple color combinations that are perfect for today’s paint color and interior color schemes. Most graphics are available in neutrals, golds, blues and reds. Illusions also has graphics available in teals, purples, yellows and a wine color for a more exotic look.
Only the Best Materials!
A Quality Base
Illusions graphics are printed on durable Oracal 651 intermediate cal 2.5 mil vinyl. Oracal 651 offers 6 year durability, flexibility and is the industry standard for high-performance calendered films.
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Illusions uses latex based inks that are environmentally friendly on all their graphics and then top coats them with a liquid laminate. The liquid laminate protects the graphic from UV rays and harsh chemicals that might damage the appearance of the graphic.
Quality Products, Quality Warranty
Warranty Details
All Illusions graphics are backed by Restylers’ Choice 36-month warranty. A sample of the material or picture may be required to initiate warranty claim.