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Molding Direct is our line of pre-cut, pre-painted body side moldings. No matter the year, make, model or paint color, we have a body side molding thats right for any vehicle. Our moldings are cut to fit the area most likely to be damaged from door dings and other parking-lot mishaps. Painted to match the paint code and made of materials that will last the life of the vehicle, our moldings are the perfect protection add-on.
The Options You Need for the OE Look!
The Right Length Every Time!
Molding Direct body side moldings are cut to fit the high impact areas of the side of the vehicle. Sometimes this is the on the flat part of the extruding body line or it could be on the crown of the rolled body panel. We select the area most likely to be damaged from door dings and then cut the molding to fit that area.
New Die-Cut Tips Offer More Options
The new MD12 molding is 1.25" molding featuring a die cut, rounded angled tip. Made of a slightly more rigid pvc than our formed tip moldings, the MD12 installs quicker, and is considerably cheaper as well.

The MD12 also has several more options available in it's offering. Choose from pre-painted, all-chrome, or all black. If you desire, our pre-painted moldings can be had with a chrome or black insert strip to create a unique look.
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1.25” Angle Tip Painted
1.25” Angle Tip Painted w/ Chrome Insert
1.25” Angle Tip Painted w/ Black Insert
1.25” Angle Tip All Chrome
1.25” Bullet Tip Painted
2” Angle Tip Painted
Get Your Moldings Fast & Freight Free!
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Free Shipping
High-volume customers receive free shipping on all molding orders. Lower volume receive free shipping on molding orders of 2 or more, or combined product orders of $600. Ask us how to qualify for free shipping on all molding orders.
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Next Day Shipping
Nearly all molding orders placed by 11:30am EST will ship the SAME day. If it comes in after 11:30 you can expect your molding to ship the next day. On rare occasions it may take us a day or two longer, but you will be notified if that is the case.
Quality Molding, Quality Paint!
Lifetime Warranty
All Molding Direct moldings feature our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the molding and paint. Visit our Warranty Information page to learn more about our industry-leading warranty.
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Pre-Cut then Paint
Because we pre-cut the molding first, then paint it, you always get a "factory finished" end. No need to carry touch up paint to make these moldings look good.
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Quality PPG paint
All of our moldings are painted to match the vehicles paint code using PPG basecoat / clearcoat finishes. The same paint used by many of the OE vehicle manufactures. All moldings are cut to fit before they are painted ensuring all cut ends are painted to match.
Never an Up-Charge
We never charge you more for "Tri-Coat" finishes, or for colors that use the more expensive pigments. Our simple "one-price for paint" means you never get a surprise charge on your invoice.
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Flexible - Not Rigid
All Molding Direct moldings are made with raw virgin plastic materials and do not contain any reground plastics like other brands of moldings. This makes our moldings more pliable and flexible - you will never get a rigid, hard-to-install molding from us!
No Primer Needed!
All Molding Direct moldings feature the same 3M brand, high-quality, 2-sided acrylic foam tape used by the OEM manufacturers - not the cheaper tape used by our competitors. Our tape DOES NOT REQUIRE PRIMER - in-fact 3M recommends against it!
Top-Capped Chrome
Our moldings that feature a chrome insert all feature a clear protective topcoat on the chrome. The top coat is a clear protective cover that encapsulates the chrome mylar protecting it from the harsh elements and keeps the chrome looking new and shiny.
Paint Match Guarantee

Molding Direct will repaint a molding to match if the original paint job is not an exact match. This is limited to repainting the original molding shipped. A piece of the vehicle (ex: fuel door) may be requested to ensure a perfect match.