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Restylers’ Choice has teamed up with Xpel to bring you our Custom Auto Design vehicle specific kits. Download, cut and install kits from a selection of over 400 patterns for the most popular vehicles on the road today. No need to wait for a kit to ship and no shipping cost. Just download, cut and install.
How does it work?
Restylers’ Choice and Xpel have made it really simple. Sign up with Xpel and get access to all of our Custom Auto Design kits for a small monthly fee of $150. Each kit has a cut fee assigned to it of $5-$20 based on the size of the kit, and you can cut as many as you want up to $150 worth of cut fees. After you reach the $150 threshold, you are charged per cut fee for the rest of the month. You also get access to all of Xpel’s paint protection patterns as part of the $150 monthly fee.
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Classic looking graphics
Custom Auto Designs vehicle specific graphics give today's muscle cars and trucks the classic styling of yesteryear. Hood graphics, body line graphics, rocker stripes, quarter panel accents, and bed stripes are available for late model cars and trucks from domestic and import manufacturers. While not all these graphics were designed by the manufacturers, all the Custom Auto Designs vehicle specific graphics have the OE look.
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How to get started
Call your Account Manager and they will help you get set up with Xpel.
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System Requirements
PC System
Windows 7 or 10
64 bit
2 gb memory
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